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Ear Candy® never loses sight of our customer's individual needs. To this end, we will do everything possible to meet special requests.

We are intensely proud of our skill levels, which include but are not limited to engineering, design, electronics, wood, plastics and metal fabrication.


We all win, or there’s no deal.

Ear Candy® exists to help people have better music systems in their vehicle, Home or business – affordably, profitably, and with our integrity intact.  No sale is more important than your satisfaction or our integrity. Our business is a combination of gear sales and integration services, and our business model doesn’t work without both kinds of revenue. For this reason, we have different hourly labor rates for gear you purchase from us and for gear you bring in yourself – this isn’t intended as a punitive measure, we just need to make the business numbers work at the end of the day for everybody.




Ear Candy® is greatly honored and challenged to combine our expert skills and talents to serve your special needs.





•Factory Audio Upgrades

•Cruise Control

•Seat Heaters
Custom Installation

•iPod Integration

•BT Integration

•GPS Navigation

•Radar Detector

•Satellite Radio

•Auto Security

• Marine Systems

•Home Theater

•Lighting Control​

Custom Controls

Church Systems

•Commercial Audio/Video 

•Outdoor Systems


Wireless Sound Systems

Sound Dampening


Please enjoy viewing the galleries on our social network sites while knowing that these are but a sampling of the very special projects we've accomplished recently, for our very special customers.

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