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When you just can't afford mistakes...

 Wouldn't you rather trust a specialist?

For Ear Candy to continue offering the service that has made us famous and do the best for our valued customers, we are going to an appointment-only model, effective immediately.
We feel this is the only way for us to give our clients the quality of service you deserve.

We welcome the opportunity to get together with you and your vehicle, and to give you uninterrupted, focused service. To set up a consultation about improving your vehicle, just email us.

Appointments work best for consultations, and are required for installations.



We are a small crew, and we’re usually working on cars, or homes in the area so email is often better than the phone (please include make, model, and year of vehicle, thanks)
Please give us 48 hours to reply – most of our e-mail replies are like War and Peace 

(i.e., long and time-consuming to write).


We can be reached by phone at 336.524.9393. If you get voice mail, we’re probably with another client, or picking up a car, but we promise we’ll get back to you.



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